• it security risk prioritisation
    December 15, 2016

    Importance of IT Security Risk Prioritization

    What are most critical assets in your company? Infrastructure, machines, people or information? That is the first question you must ask yourself. After you define your most critical assets you will be able to address all threats to those assets and risks involved.

    Attackers always exploit critical vulnerabilities and you need to know which are those and what is a biggest risk for your organization. Why is that important? It is important because then you’ll be able to make risk prioritization. You will be able to define which risks must be addressed with highest priority and how will you deal with them. Also you will probably find that some risks have to small effect to invest in reducing them. Some risks will be possible to mitigate. It all depends on your company’s assets, it’s value for the company and effect some security incident can have on them.

    Investing in IT Security is very important for every company no matter of it’s size and niche. Investing in IT Security helps reduce and mitigate the risks and threats to your most critical assets. Company becomes aware of the positive impact IT Security can have on it’s business.


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