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    December 19, 2016

    5 Steps Guide For Improving IT Security

    IT Security is very important for any company, not only ones that are in IT business. We often hear people saying, why do I need IT Security, I’m just a freelancer, or we are a small company, who would attack us? Well, that’s completely wrong set of thinking. You as individual or a small company may not be that interesting, but your clients might be and attacker can use you to get to your client.

    This is why you should invest in IT Security, no matter how small or large team you are and in which business you operate. Here are some tips on how to improve IT security of your company:

    • Define your most critical assets, including people

    • Address threats correlated to those assets

    • Assess risks correlated to those threats

    • Make risk prioritization

    • Decide which risks need most attention and which can be mitigated

    How can this help? First of all you will see which assets in your team or company hold the most value for your company. Then you can define all possible threats to those assets and risks accordingly. You can make priorities, decide which risks have small impact, which have large impact and then decide which of them can be mitigated, which one need more attention and make a plan for dealing with those risks.

    That way you won’t invest in things you don’t need, but will invest in things that are of high importance for your company and make best of it. Don’t forget on your employees, both as an asset for you company and as a possible threat – intentional or unintentional. MAny people forget this very important step when creating a list of possible threats to their business assets and assets itself.


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