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    December 20, 2016

    Mitigating Insider Threats – Tips and Tricks

    Insider Threats to IT Security can be intentional and unintentional. Unintentional insider threats are most common. Why is that? Many companies don’t invest in IT Security and are not aware of threats and danger of not investing can bring to their business.

    As said, unintentional insider threats are most common. So first of all who are insiders? insiders are not only your employees, but also your business partners, anyone who has regular, allowed access to you company’s information and assets.

    So how can employee be a source of and IT Security threat? Employee can unintentionally open an email containing a virus and infect his and all computers in the network, which can result in loss of information, or even worse, change of critical information without noticing it.

    This is just a simple example of insider threat, but those threats and attacks on company’s information security can be much more sophisticated and make a lot more damage. So the question here is how to mitigate those threats? First of all entire company, including CEO’s, employees and partners must be aware of importance of IT Security. There should be proper training and security awareness programs set for employees on all levels, so they can understand it’s importance and their own role in maintaining IT Security on desired level.


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