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    December 18, 2016

    Creating Efficient Incident Response & Recovery Plan

    So what is an incident response and recovery plan? Let’s say you have some incident regarding your company information, for example someone dropped entire database. It would be great to have a set of written instructions where you can read what to do next, for example use back-up of database. That set of instructions on hot to detect, react and limit the effect of security incident on information is called Security Incident Response & Recovery Plan.

    Why is this plan important? It helps to define exact and unified set of procedures that needs to be processed across all organization and all employees can find those informations in situation of IT Security Incident.

    Those written procedures helps company react on time, detect that incident has happened and limit the effect that incident has on company information. It can save both time and money for the company.

    Investing in IT Security is very important for every company no matter of it’s size and niche. Investing in IT Security helps reduce and mitigate the risks and threats to your most critical assets. Company becomes aware of the positive impact IT Security can have on it’s business.


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