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    December 17, 2016

    Importance of Creating IT Security Threat Model

    To be able to create IT Security Threat model, you first must define all of your company assets. By assets we mean infrastructure, equipment, information and people. Many companies forget on people when defining it’s assets list. Next thing is to define which of these assets are most critical for your organization, which are most valuable. Those are assets without which your business processes wouldn’t be able to function.

    When you have your assets defined are prioritized, you can then start in defining threats that can hurt those assets. Remember to examine all possible threats to your assets, including insider and outsider threats, intentional and unintentional threats, when dealing with insider threats.

    Once you’ve completed the threats list, you can start with threat model creation. Now you have list of your most critical assets and threats to those assets accordingly. Define which of these threats affect which asset and what are the consequences. That way you will be able to prioritize the threats and it’s impact on your assets and your business.

    Investing in IT Security is very important for every company no matter of it’s size and niche. Investing in IT Security helps reduce and mitigate the risks and threats to your most critical assets. Company becomes aware of the positive impact IT Security can have on it’s business.


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